LegacyPrincess: Collection

  1. My soon to be DH and I started my coach collection in late '06. As you are all aware, it just took my first Ali to get my obsession going, and here is where the collection is as of today.

    Black Miranda
    Bordeaux Miranda
    Whiskey Mandy
    Natural '06 Satchel
    Black Ali
    White Hippie
    Black Medium Lily Satchel
    Clay Gigi
    Purse Collection.jpg
  2. Wow!! That is one of the nicest all leather collections I have seen!
  3. wow... I am speechless... great collection!!!! :drool:
  4. You have, by far, the BEST collection I've seen! Your pieces are classic, timeless and gorgeous! Perfect colors for the bag styles, too. I LOVE the Lily satchel.
  5. So beautiful, I love all that leather!
  6. An absolutely STUNNING collection, I love them all.
  7. Beautiful Collection...
  8. Beautiful collection!! :tup: We have several bags in common including a couple of Mirandas. I can see you are a woman of style and taste! ;) Thanks for sharing your beauties with us.
  9. so pretty! I love all of your pieces!
  10. You need to change your name to LegacyQUEEN!!! Great collection - LOVE your medium Lily!!!!
  11. Awesome collection! Love all the leather and the array of colors!
  12. Now THAT is a great family portrait! :drool:

    Beautiful collection... wear them in good health :tup:
  13. Wow - your collection is absolutely gorgeous. LIblue said it best: you are clearly a woman of exquisite style and taste!
  14. great collection!
    i like the variety of colors.
  15. Wow! What a leather collection you have going. I love the leather bags.