1. so i got off the 'legacy' meeting tonight.

    i knew they were selling the ponchos (you can see them online) but we're also selling actual knitwear!

    if you have one of the 50 legacy stores in your area you should definitely check it out! you can tell it's a legacy store because they have this "section" where there is a bright pink plaque with coach written in gold, they have zebra print rugs with the shape cut out in the shape of a zebra. there are colorful (from the stripe palette) backgrounds for the bag setting...a gold "mod - ern" fixture along with pink and white colored frames (which will eventually be rolled out into the regular stores) and lamps...it's very home-ly feel with a colorful twist...i loved the displays showing the turnlocks and all the different color hangtags.

    and of course, the knit wear is a cardigan, in different solid colors (palette again from stripes) with turnlock as buttons (they're really emphazing this btw, because bonnie cashin, the inspiration designer Reed used, started the turn lock from her car's convertible 'turn lock' closure) and my favorite, stripe turtle neck with a tiny pouch pocket discreetly on the left hand side..it's a beautiful piece, unfortunately 300$ so definitely out of my range.

    also, legacy is now a fixture in our collection like hamptons and soho is. so definitely you'd see that right now it's up to FY 08.

    i absolutely LOVE the new store look. the knitwear can be brought from a regular store, have them look it up in tools of the trade if you can't see it online yet.

    if i could take pictures i would but cameras aren't allowed in our store.

    i think that's it. any questions about the legacy i'd be happy to answer

    right now the Ali bag and shoulder zip is most popular, whiskey being more then 50% of the sales.

  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. Love the update!
  4. Thanks ms-whitney, I love those cardigans with the turnlock closures as buttons. I definitely want to get at least one of them!
  5. in this months' in style, the show a pair of gloves with turnlocks on them...but, last time i checked, they're not on the website. can you get them in store?
  6. Thanks for the update
  7. Thanks so much!!!:smile:
  8. ms-whitney....how do we know which 50 stores are legacy stores?? I thought for sure king of prussia would get the knitwear...but when I asked about it last weekend they said they were not...
  9. I agree -- how can we find out which stores are Legacy stores?
  10. Whitney- Have you seen a list? I know my store hasn't yet but my DM was talking about how Coach might do a spinoff Legacy store in the future of just ALL legacy items.

    Have you seen the Holiday elements book? The store is going to be so cute! I can't wait until we get the gold dog!
  11. ^^It's like you girls are speaking in code LOL! I would love to visit one of the 50..is there a link or something?
  12. sorry - i've been at work and school!

    the fifty stores should be the flagship stores, with as high as pinnacle level.

    for those that doesn't understand these terms. there are several of them. pinnacle is the store with the rare items (of course, some are exclusive to only the New York store and The forum, or fashion something at Vegas...e.g. pyton and super expensive bags)

    but pinnacle will get the plum color for suede bags, have the pony calf hair bags for hobo with the front clip....they'd have the trench coat completely covered in pony calf hair, and they'd have the zebra print bags.

    fashion store gets the special items like the rose color in the legacy collection.

    international (i prefer that over asian tourist) gets stuff like the camera bag in signature stripe, and the over the shoulder messenger bag with front buckle in signature (not a lot of stores have this!)

    there's also some name that every coach store gets where the basic bags go.

    so one store could have all of them, pinnacle, fashion, asian tourist, flagship...

    those are the stores that i'd think would be listed with the 50 legacy stores..but i can't be sure, wish i'd thought of that at the meeting and asked!

    but so far, there is one in san francisco! so if anyone is from the bay area definitely check out the flagship store there.

    my coworker commented when she heard there were 50, "so there's one in every state?"

    probably not since alaska doesn't have a coach store but definitely look for it in the top money makers including the stores in texas, new york, chicago, hawaii..
  13. if you're talking about the ones with the mulitple one...in two toned colors it's not in the stores yet! you can see if the SA would be able to order for you ahead of time (and i can check as well)

    but so far even the legacy room doesn't have it, although they are expecting more shipment this week as replenishment (replacement) the winter stuff is early b/c of the legacy and won't be out till late october (that's when the holiday book comes in and that'll be the floorset change too) or was it early november? =p i think it was october but i'll double check on that.

    that's probably when it would arrive.

    btw, you can order some of the jewelry now! the number is low, some styles only have less then 100 of it in JAX (warehouse) of course there will be more because i can't see them only making so little, but for now, the number is limited.
  14. yeah, those are the ones. they're so gorgeous!
    but i'll just be patient!
  15. Shelbell, Maybe the one in the Court of King of Prussia has it?