1. Has anyone checked out the Legacy Ellie satchel on the website. It's the one that you have to call for or visit the boutique in NYC. It comes in a red (poppy or geranium, i forget) and black leather. It also comes in a fabric. What do you think of it?

  2. My mistake, the correct color is vermillion. there's also lime, black, & gold.
  3. I've never seen it IRL but I always thought it had an understated elegance about it. It looked like it was a good sized purse, too. I like the vermillion color. If anyone has this purse, please post pics!
  4. I love the pink canvas one and the lime green one!
  5. you have to call to see a bag at the legacy boutique, are you serious ?
  6. I think she meant that you can only see them at a Legacy boutique or you have to call to order one. I don't think you have to call the Legacy boutique ahead of time to go in and see it, if that's what your asking. ;)
  7. The last time I called about a item they emailed me a picture of it then I called them back and ordered it they are very nice there!
  8. "It's the one that you have to call for or visit the boutique in NYC"

    Oh, confused this sounds like you have to call to visit the bag lol like it is the Hope Diamond or something lol
  9. I think i'm going to go for the vermillion. i really like it's shape and it's not too big. right now i'm carrying the brown signature tote and a Cole Haan Aerin bag in black which is big. it's time for something light and bright.
  10. ^^i love this bag it's a remake of a vintage Bonnie Cashin, i think someone here has it and the original.....fluffy? let me look....
  11. Please post pics when you receive it! I thinking about the lime I hope it wouldnt be to bright !
  12. Thank you! They're beauties!!