1. Hi Everyone!!

    This is my first post! I came across this site by mistake, and let me tell you...it feels so good to read all of these posts from people who love handbags just as much as I do!!

    So, I have a few orders arriving within the next week directly from Coach, and I was hoping I could get some reviews from those who have ordered!

    I ordered:

    -Legacy Shoulder bag, 10328, in Pond
    -Legacy Stripe French Frame Purse Wallet, 40240
    -Legacy Large Legacy Stripe Slim French Wallet, 40242

    I'm sooo excited! :nuts:
    I may only keep one of the wallets, but I wanted to see what they look like in person first!
  2. welcome to the coach forum! i can't help you on those bags, just wanted to say hi. :smile:
  3. Hey, welcome!!

    I absolutely love this place! Hit up the forum where you introduce yourself...give us a bit of a background, let us get to know you!!

    And, congrats on your purchases! We love to see pics here, if you haven't noticed, so post, post, post when they arrive!
  4. Hi I'm a newbee too, Welcome! I love this forum, it's fun reading the posts.

    All of the items you ordered are fabulous! I have the same bag in Rose, and both of the wallets. I would suggest that you try to keep the bag AND the French Purse, since it would fit the best in this bag. No pressure, but I think you're going to love all of them!!!

    Enjoy your purchases!!!
  5. I love the Legacy Shoulder Bag. Congrats on your first purchases of Coach Bags and accessories. You will find that the Legacy items wear very well. I own two Alis from the Legacy collection and they are great! You will find that the french purse wallet will work the best in your shoulder bag. The large slim wallet will work better in an Ali, Leigh, Gigi tote or the Mandy. Welcome to the forum. Please don't forget to post pictures when you receive your items.
  6. Welcome :drinks:

    I have the shoulder bag in Whiskey.:heart::love::heart: LOVE it! My Favorite purse of all my collection.

    I have the Framed French Wallet in Leather. She looks :tender: beautiful, but it is still pretty stiff and hard to get in and out of even after 6 months of wear.:hrmm: Pain in the rear...

    My friend/coworker has the Legacy Slim Wallet. She :heart:'s hers, though she admits it was very stiff when she first got it though. Hers has loosened up where my French wallet has not.

    We both carry Shoulder Bags and either one will fit just fine inside of them.

    Congratulation's on your new goodies! And Welcome:flowers:
  7. Congrats on your purchases and welcome to tpf! I am also a leather legacy lover, I have the whiskey shoulder bag and I also have the pond shoulder on the way! :tup:
  8. I have all three.
    The Pond is beautiful in person. I just wish the shoulder strap was a little bit longer.
    The wallets are nice. They don't hold up as well as the leather or sig ones, but if you take care of them I'm sure they will be fine.

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy =)
  9. Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you picked some beautiful items. Legacy is my favorite coach line, and you'll find lots of enabling here!
  10. welcome! great buys, can't wait to see pics!
  11. Oh keep both the wallets! They're to DIE for!!! I love Legacy!
  12. Congratulations on your new items! I have the French Purse and the only tight part is the change area. I choose not to keep change in mine at all, as doing so ages the wallet much, much faster. All those items are beautiful, and I am sure you will love them!
  13. Welcome! Sounds like you've got some great items coming! I adore the pond shoulder bag, I hope to own one of my own someday, lol! Please be sure to post pics when your things arrive!
  14. Welcome! Can't wait to see pics. The legacy bags are gorgeous.
  15. I have that bag in that color and you will love it. I love mine. Only had her for about a week or so but I just cant stop starring at her.