Legacy wristlets-back on Coach.com this morning

  1. I missed these the last time around but was able to order on this morning! :nuts:
  2. arg! last time they were on coach.com, I called my boutique to order one (trying to order everything through them in the hopes of getting a pce invite) They called me back later that afternoon to tell me they were out of stock and when I mentioned I saw them online they said they must have run out between the time I called and the time they tried to order it..... and now they are back online??
    Me thinks I'll just order it online this time. :smile:
  3. Oh man, that bites!!! I JUST won one of these this morning (new at least) on eBay for $65. I should've double checked coach first, but I've been checking for about a month with no luck. :blah:
  4. Kidlearner, at least you didn't have to pay shipping? :smile:
  5. Oh WOW! Thanks for posting this! I just placed my order and decided to add a skinny mini in pear as well!
    I'm so excited!:yes:
  6. YAY! Thanks for that info!
  7. I ordered one this morning! :yes:
  8. I guess all in all, with taxes and shipping it would've come out to about the same price. I'm totally over it :smile:
  9. Better to have, then just wish!
  10. In case they go out of stock online again, they STILL have a handful of them at the CT boutique where mine is coming from: [FONT=geneva,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1](860) 889-1771 [/SIZE][/FONT]
    Tell them the coach 888 representative said shipping would be free.
  11. Is this the flap over or the zip top one for 58? Is it a hot seller - something that, if I want it, I should order now? I've been eyeing both the flap and the zip top legacy stripe wristlet but did not realize there was a stock concern?
  12. It is the zip top one