Legacy Wristlet - Poor Quality?

  1. So I bought a Legacy Signature Wristlet, and after owning it for less than a week (!) the turnlock fell off! There are two screws holding teh turnlock in place and one completely fell off and the other is really loose. I'm so bummed. I'm going to take it back, and hopefully I can do a return for it (instead of just getting it fixed - not sure how that works).

    I loved the wristlet. The question is: do I buy another one knowing the quality issues and that it might just fall apart again?
  2. ^^^ there was apparently a problem with the first round of legacy bags/accessories and some of the turnlocks fell off. I believe they have since addressed that issues.

    I would go for it, espcially since Coach will repair/replace it.
  3. good to know! thanks!
  4. I seen a few legacy bags on eBay with a missing turnlock and saw one at the outlet with a missing turnlock. I don't want to not get use out of the front pockets of my shoulder bag, but I did move my chapstick (which I go into my bag for quite often) into another compartment. I don't want to break a turnlock/
  5. I have the Chelsea bag with the turn lock, it is the smaller turn lock and it feels so much sturdier than my legacy turnlock. I still love my chelsea, just wish It was a bit bigger.
  6. I went to the Coach store and tried to exchange the wristlet but they didn't have any in stock. So they ordered it and are shipping it two-day ground. They were profusely apologetic.

    Hopefully the new one isn't defective.
  7. I hope the new one works out for you!