Legacy Wristlet..Buy same color as bag?

  1. I want to order the Legacy wristlet....I have the Legacy Shoulder Zip the smaller of the Legacy Shoulder bags, Should I buy the whiskey or the blue or the black...(I don't do white, I ruin them) Should it match the bag if I ever use it in the bag....actually I think it may be too big for the Legacy I own. IF it won't fit in the bag would you get a different color?

    Thanks for any opinions.
  2. I can't imagine the Legacy wristlet not fitting in the Legacy bags. Check the measurements online, but it should fit.
    If you have a whiskey Legacy, I'd get whiskey or pond. If you have a black Legacy, I'd get black or pond. I don't think it has to match perfectly but brown and black together bothers me.
  3. Brown and Black bother me too, I am leaning towards Pond, but still on the fence. Thanks!!
  4. I like pond if you'll use it with a lot of different bags. I got the one in whiskey because I wanted to use it in a red bag and thought red and pond would clash. But pond would go with almost anything. Black, white, brown, blue, etc.
  5. Good luck finding a Legacy wristlet in whiskey. They may or may not be making more of them.
  6. They're off the site already? They weren't supposed to be available until Jan 21 and then came online like Dec. 27, I think. They're already sold out again? Maybe I shouldn't return mine then. :lol
  7. A birdie told me they were supposed to have more. Sometimes though, they never make it because of customer backorders and the like. If you call Coach and are able to get one, snatch it up.
  8. Thanks !!! I like your new Red bag and the whiskey looks great in it, don't return it!
  9. I also like the pond if you're going to mix and match (considering getting that myself). I would also consider whiskey if they're making more.
  10. Thanks! I just cut the tags off, so I'm keeping it. :love: