Legacy wristlet and cell phones...

  1. I need a few sugestions ladies. I currently carry a Treo, so it obviously WILL NOT fit in my new legacy wristlet. :sad: I have been in the market for a new cell anyway, so those of you ladies that carrt the legacy wrislet - what cell phone do you have and does it fit in your wristlet?

    Even if you don't have a legacy wristlet, if you can get a phone in it, still let me know.

    TIA! :love:
  2. I have a Legacy wristlet and my phone fits in it. I have an LG Chocolate:
  3. I have the Verizon Motorola Krzr
  4. I have a Nextel i870...it BARELY fits (I miss my old nextel...was so slim...DH had to go and get us the phones with every function on it...)
  5. I love the size of the Krzr but because it has really good graphics they make the dang fonts so small, I actually have to use my reading glasses to see it sometimes!
  6. i have the motorola l2 and fits in every wristlet because its so small
  7. My Moto Razr fits really well in my Legacy wristlet and I can also fit my keys, lipstick and some other things at the same time. :yes:
  8. I have a Razr as well, and can get my credit cards, cash, lipgloss and cell phone in my wristlet easily.
  9. I use the new Moto Krzr. Perfect fit. I just put my credit cards, driver's license and insurance card in the front compartment and then the money and phone go to the bigger main compartment. It's a slightly snug fit, but at least I don't have to carry a large purse. If you put a cute charm on the wristlet, it'll be party ready. I use the clover charm and I LOVE IT!
  10. I have the Motorola Razor and it fits perfectly in my leather wristlet.

    I don't know what plan you have but the Samsung Blackjack is slim and I bet would probably fit in a wristlet and it seems like it has a lot of the same functioins of the Treo.

    The Palm 680 seems slim enough that it may fit in a wristlet.

  11. i have the l2 too!!!
  12. I have the Blackjack and it fits in my leagacy wristlet!!
  13. I gotta say, I wouldn't give up my Treo for a wristlet! LOL I love my Treo650. I got a beautiful case from Sena Cases that even has a spot for two mini-SD cards.
  14. my friend has the blackjack and it is small enough to fit in the legacy wristlet. but i think only cingular has that phone so if you dont have cingular then either switch or get the razar/slvr/krzar (wow motorola has some weird names for their phones :roflmfao: )
  15. Oh, believe you me, i understand the Treo love. :love: I LOVE mine, but I had to recently go back to an actual agenda since our IT dept at work will no longer allow outside equipment to be hooked up to our laptops. I use to have my Treo synced with MS Outlook so it made keeping track of my meetings and reminders so easy. But now, the time I spend trying to type everything in, I can write it down ten times faster. LOL

    So since now I can't use the Palm part efficiently, I figure I might as well slim my phone down to one that I can carry in my pocket (and now my wristlet) again. :smile: