Legacy White Leather?

  1. I was all set to order up the HIppie Bag in Whiskey, then I saw the new catalog with a white one featured. Looks so nice! What do you all think of the white legacy leather? At first I never gave it a second glance, now I kinda like it - of course, it doesn't help with like everything they offer!
  2. i would still get the whiskey...
  3. If you click on my collection link below you will see the white leather Legacy shoulder zip. It's LUCIOUS. Seriously, before this bag I've NEVER had anything in all white leather. And I am even one of those people who never do the white after Labor day, and I using this bag now.

    I'm not liking the whiskey but that's just me. My Mom LOVES it.
  4. How about both? Actually I have been torn between black and whiskey but I am thinking I need whiskey lol.
  5. Yeah, get both! :P

    When I bought my Legacy shoulder zip I was torn between black leather and the khaki sig w/ebony leather. It took me a half hour to decide! I bought the black leather that day but ended up going back a couple weeks later and getting it in signature as well. LOL.
  6. I've been debating getting the small hobo in white because I don't own any white handbags - but I hate that you really can't wear white during winter :sad: