Legacy Whiskey and Natural Owners....Please help me decide!!!

  1. Hello everyone! So, I finally saved up enough money to buy myself my much desired legacy leather satchel, but I cannot decide on the color. If you own anything legacy in whiskey or natural, I would love your opinions on your bag. I own a wristlet in the whiskey and since it's in my purse all day of course it get scratched up alot and I have read on the forum that the whiskey color does tend to get scratches. Also, how does it hold up in rainy weather. This is the color I want but I am also considering the natural color. Sorry this is a bit long but if your gonna spend about $800 then you want to be certain on your choice!! I REALLY appreciate your responses and opinions! Thanks everyone!!!
  2. I prefer the whiskey color personally. It looks richer to me and suits the style of the bag more I think. I see it as more of an "all year" seasonless color too whereas the natural seems like more of a spring/summer color to me. Good luck!
  3. Whiskey!
  4. whiskey too, that color in real life is rich and very money....
  5. I love the whiskey color too.
  6. I love the whiskey more than the natural. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and I found that I like it even more as it ages - the scratches really do blend in/rub out and give it more character. I've had it in the rain and the strap got a couple of water spots (not the rest of the bag though - go figure), but they've since blended in with the rest of the leather. I alos like how it darkens with age.
  7. The whiskey! I love it I have it and it does get some scratches but not many at all and I am not careful at all! In the rain it does fine! I was so worried but it dries right up!
  8. Thanks for all the great info guys! I am most likely gonna go with the Whiskey. I do love that color!!! I called coach's 800# over a month ago and the customer service rep said that they had less than 100 in the whiskey color left and that they would probably be gone in about 2 weeks and yet they are still on the site now.....it was meant to be don't you think??!!:p
  9. Whiskey!
  10. I have the whiskey shoulder bag and I love it so my vote if for the whiskey. It's such a rich color and goes well with everything. It does scratch if you're not careful but the scrathes do rub out and blend in.
  11. Ditto.
  12. Whiskey! :yes:
  13. Ok, I just tried to call and order the whiskey satchel and the rep told me they were on backorder but they should be back in stock in about a week. So I guess I'll check back closer to the weekend and see if they have some in. Thanks for all of your opinions!!