Legacy wallets at TJ Maxx!

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  1. so, after reading all the tj maxx posts, i decided to amble over to my store. i'm looking at the designer handbags tables (thouroughly picked through, i might add) and behind some D&B coin purses what should i see but a Legacy framed slim envelope wallet! two actually, in black. i contemplated those, but then i saw the black Legacy framed french purse:nuts: i've been looking at french purses since last year and instantly fell in love! until i saw one in white! so, i did what any normal Coachie would, i purchased both. not sure if i'm going to keep both yet, but so far, i can't choose between the two!

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  2. Wow!!! Thats amazing! I wish my tj maxx would have good deals like these! Congrats!
  3. Mine did not have the ones in your picture but had the slim ones. I picked up an optic one!
  4. omg how pretty!

    hmmmm i may have to stop by tj maxx down the street one of these days!

    how much were they?
  5. WOW!! How much were the Legacy Wallets???
  6. they were $79.99 each. they also had the slim envelope for $99.99. i thought DH was going to be annoyed when i came home with these, since i dragged him to Coach on friday to spend my $50, but he was happy for me. yay!
  7. WOW! Congrats on such a great find! :tup:
  8. Why can't my TJ Maxx, have ANYTHING???? I went yesterday and there was absolutely nothing.

    Congrats on your purchases, though. They are beautiful!
  9. You got a great deal!! I think I paid $250 or something like that 2 years ago!! I'd keep them both for that price!!:tup:
  10. WOW!!! Great price on those. Those are my FAVORITE Coach wallets, and I paid full price for two of mine, and $159 on ebay for another and I though THAT was good. I would definitely keep the black one, a classic that will go with every bag. I dont like white leather, but if you do, at that price, I agree -keep them both!! Congrats on a super find.
  11. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that likes to get two when they are such a good deal. I checked my TJMAxx but they had no wallets.
  12. :amazed: What great finds!!! I am so jealous! I was at TJ Maxx on Thursday and they had nothing!
  13. Ohhh, Im gonna go check it out tomorow!
  14. I think a lot of the stuff found today was because of the designer handbag event they are having. I am wondering do they have these every few months or once a year etc?
  15. I'll be checking it out tomorrow too! I sooo need a legacy wallet-for that price I might just have to get two if I can find them.