Legacy Turnlocks

  1. Hi Ladies ~

    I recently bought an Ali during the PCE event and also recently purchased one of the Legacy french frame purse wallets. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their turnlocks breaking?

    The reason I ask is because I have noticed a number of Legacy bags on eBay recently with broken turnlocks. I am very careful with my hand bags, but with the Ali and french frame wallet, you have to use the turnlock everytime you open them. I'm not sure if these broken turnlocks showing up on eBay are just a result of abuse to the bag or if it's truly something that is likely to break off after so much use. :wtf:

    Am I being too paranoid, or have some of you had this issue occur already? I'm really hoping I am worrying too much about this, but it's nagging at me enough that I needed to post this thread and find out for sure.

    Those of you with Legacy turnlock bags and accessories, let me know. Thanks!!!
  2. I have both of these items...got my wallet for Christmas and my Ali about 2 weeks ago and so far I have had no problems with the turnlock on either!!
  3. I have heard that they have corrected this problem. I heard something about the ones made before Christmas-ish were having the problems. If you bought it recently you should be fine! :yes:
  4. the first batch had problems, but the new ones should be fine- they changed the turnlocks.