Legacy Thompson Tophandle

  1. Hello TPFers~
    I love this bag.....Have you seen IRL? I am in Baltimore, and a SA told me that these bags are not carried in the stores in my region. I am just looking for opinions if any1 has OR has seen. It's so stylish online....THX!!!!
  2. It is gorgeous in real life. The leather is buttery soft, the bag is large but not too large, and it's just very stylish in general (I work at Coach so I see it all the time).
  3. I'm contemplating buying it in parchment as my first Coach purchase. I asked the salespeople at the store and they said it's been out since right before Christmas time and surprisingly they haven't been selling too much of them. It definitely looks a lot better in person, because I wouldn't have liked it if I just saw it online.

    It's the perfect size and feels so high quality. Any one else out there have this yet?
  4. Hmmmmmm.....I wonder if it will make it to the outlet????????? I wonder if we should w8:thinking: