Legacy Thompson Top Handle

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  1. How difficult would it be to maintain in white? Would it be easier because the leather is pebbled? I hate to spend this much and have it get dirty way too fast. I love the parchment, but think Ink would be wiser.
    Any thoughts?
  2. the white is gorgeous!!
  3. I have it in toffee- I will try to post some pics soon-It is gorgeous!
  4. Amy7572 that would be awesome if you'd post pictures. I need to decide quick before the pce ends. Thanks so much!!!!
    I am also wondering if you could share what it is about this particular handbag that makes it worth the price to you. TIA!!!!!
  5. Here' the pics I promised- Well all handbags probably are not worth the price we pay for them(LOL)-But this one offers a little different look than most of Coach handbags-I love the classic and timeless style of this bag-the beautiful detailing-yummy legacy lining-how lightweight this bag is compared to my other legacy bags-the awesome hangtag-I think this is probably the most gorgeous handbag I own-I think when I break down and use this I will feel like a million bucks-This is my mom's fav of all the handbags I own! Did I mention the awesome hangtag?(LOL) Hope this helps!
    12-04-07_1350.jpg 12-04-07_1353.jpg 12-04-07_1404.jpg 12-04-07_1405.jpg 12-04-07_1406.jpg
  6. Here's a few more pics-Sorry they are not very clear!
    12-04-07_1412.jpg 12-04-07_1415.jpg 12-04-07_1414.jpg
  7. that bag is pretty i love the color
  8. Amy- thanks so much for posting pictures!!! It is soooo gorgeous!!!!!! I appreciate your explaining why it is so worth it to you. I realize we are all different as to what makes something special and worth it to us, but since you actually own it, I really wanted your opinion. Thanks! I just ordered the Leigh sight unseen, and that would be the case if I order the Thompson top handle. It is just sooo very difficult to buy a handbag without trying it on. I detest it. Thanks for your help. My Leigh will be here on Thurs. day and then it is decision time!

    Gosh I love your handbag and I love that it is light too!!!!!! It's just lovely!
  9. Sorry- I forgot to ask if the top part where it is framed it really hard. In the picture where you are holding the bag open to show the inside- it doesn't look too terrible stiff. I would like it if the frame wasn't so rock hard. Thanks again!
  10. Does anyone know why the coach website doesn't have a picture of this bag in white but only in parchment? And what is the difference between those two colors??
  11. Very pretty bag! :yes:
  12. Aww, it's cute :smile:

    But a bit pricey :s
  13. I absolutely luv this bag...I think I will get it in Ink with my coupon. I won't feel as bad. Does it work on your shoulder????
  14. I love, love, love the hangtag on this bag. I wish they sold the hangtag seperately.