Legacy Thompson Top Handle or Medium Lily?

  1. Which bag do you ladies prefer?
    I have the medium Lily in black, but I just noticed the top handle Thompson bag
    the other day online. I haven't used the Lily yet. I was wondering what your opinions on these two bags is?
  2. both are great bags. I just got my Thompson top handle in toffee today and I love it.
  3. like i said, i think they are both great; it just depends on your style -which do you prefer... i kind of go by which do i see myself using more or is it a "special" kind of bag... i am kind of weird that way, but i did choose the lily
  4. I think I like the Lily better
  5. Lily, hands down
  6. I love lily more .. but both are really beautiful:tup:
  7. I like both bags for different reasons. My only concern with the Medium Lily is that it seems to be more of a "trendy" bag and I wonder about the longevity of this bag. I don't want to be carrying it next year and it looks out of place. What do you think?
  8. I have the original Lily and the Thompson Tophandle. I think the Lilys, original or medium, have Classic details that are timeless. I have enjoyed using my Tophandle, but I initially thought of it as a dressy bag, only. I'm over that now.

    I've never compared them to each other, I see them as completely different styles of handbags. But if you're choosing only one, I would say the Lily. She's such a Classic!
  9. Lily! That "stitching" on the Thompson doesn't really do it for me. I think the Lily has more of a WOW factor.
  10. lily hands down. I have the medium in black and love it. As another poster mentioned it's a very original bag. I actually don't see it as trendy at all, I see myself using this bag for years to come!
  11. I like the Lily more
  12. I have the Legacy Top handle in ink and have been carrying it for 2 weeks. I love it! It looks so feminine and lady like to me. I got the med. Lily in black yesterday and haven't even had time to do anything but briefly look at her. I think she looks like a bag I will love alot.
    They are 2 very different styles- which I like. I haven't carried a bag in the crook of my arm for years. Too many kids! I think it will come down to which makes you feel more excited about.
    Good luck with your decision!!!
  13. I luv both bags, BUT I am gettimg ready to purchase the Thompson Tophandle....I luv the stitching...is so classy to me.....ICE BLUE:woohoo:
  14. I totally agree, I say the Lily !
  15. Both are great bags, but I think I prefer the Lily. Its such a classic!!