Legacy Thompson Hobo, who has it?

  1. I want this bag, but I know it's not going to happen. I was wondering if anyone owned this bag and could post some modeling pics. Just so I can see how it looks on?? Thanks!!
  2. I just bought it today. It's gorgeous. I love the Coach Legacy Thompson. I'll pose pics next time.
  3. I know how you feel. I have wanted this bag since it first came out but I am crazy broke and I can't afford a thing at the moment, even good deals. It's not going to happen for me either. :crybaby:Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to score one on eBay.
  4. It's at the oulets + 20% off.
  5. Actually I only got it for $240 here in williamsburg, va outlet. I really love it. I'm still new in this forum and don't know how to pose photos yet.
  6. I just got the Vachetta one at the outlet yesterday. Super soft! I love it and it was a good deal!
    Picture 906.jpg Picture 907.jpg
  7. I saw one at Lahaska last weekend. They had several Thompson type bags. It is a great bag.
  8. I'm going crazy looking for this bag!
  9. I just called Williamsburg, VA they said they don't have anymore:girlsigh:
    I also called San marcos, Lee, Orlando, Kittery and Wrentham, none of them have any.
  10. Try Lahaska, PA: 215-794-8777:yes:
  11. Thanks, I'm calling now. I hope they can do a chage send if they have it. I will PLEAD with them.
  12. Hi, I just returned mine this morning. I'm short and it's just very big for me. They still have a couple left.
  13. Really, I called this morning and the male SA said they didn't have that bag.
    Was is the Thompson with the flower that you returned? I'll have to call back.
  14. I returned the
  15. I want this bag too and would love to see modeling pics!