Legacy taken out of store, why new on web?

  1. All of the legacy stuff was pulled to the back of my local Coach store. I asked if it was being sent to the outlet, and the SA said, "No, I think it is going to another Coach store."

    On the web site, there are new colors in addition to some of the old colors in the same Legacy styles as well as new Legacy styles. Why might all of the Legacy have been taken out of my store?
  2. somebody said in another thread that is going to the outlets next week :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. why would they send it to another coach store?
    that seems a little silly. :p
  4. They removed everything in my store except the new medium lily and bridgets. The 07's ARE going to the outlets. More than one person on here have been told by their SAs. :yes: I'm guessing maybe a few more pieces from the new 08 Legacy line will probably debut within the next month or so and maybe the whole line by March/April?? My guess.
  5. I was at the boutique tonight and they had ZERO Legacy, not even the new ones like Medium Lily, Luci, and Bridgit. The SA's said that it didn't come in yet...
  6. I was at an outlet today and there was tons of Legacy stuff there.
  7. I love legacy have to go into my local store =(
  8. another coach store, meaning an outlet.... :smile: kidding that is odd...

    i want to see the new legacy stuff!
  9. The legacy bags in whiskey, juniper and raisin are going to the outlets and the legacy in black and camel are going to the legacy stores. At least that's what I was told. Whiskey, juniper and raisin were deleted but black and camel were not.
  10. They do get sent to other stores, I know it's strange, but I know we were sending a bunch of stuff to Hawaii...some back to JAX some on to outlets...We just do what we're told lol.
  11. Any word on when more 08 Legacy bags will hit the stores?
  12. No ladies all colors were deleted. They are going back to JAX and then from there they are going to Legacy Specialty Shops. The Legacy collection is usually only out in regular stores right around before and after the holidays. Legacy will still continue to be produced in spring colors but only for those above mentioned stores. I just didnt want you girls getting your hopes up thinking they were going to the outlets, I cant let my TPFers be misinformed. :heart: ya'll!!!!! Mean it!!!
  13. That's exactly what I thought when I read that!:upsidedown:
  14. Sorry I'm not really involved in the process much, other then putting together some things in boxes. I just know what I saw when I glanced over some things. What they do after we send them out I have no clue really.
  15. Thanks so much for the info!

    Is there any way to find out which locations are Legacy Specialty Boutiques, other than the Legacy Boutique on Bleecker St, NYC?