Legacy Swingpack?

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I am new to the forum and cannot get enough! Once I think that I have read all there is to read, I find another great forum/thread :smile: I have even started saying things like, "Well, I read on the forum that..." my BF just shakes his head. :P

    I am looking for a swingpack and I really want a Legacy brown (whiskey/walnut) leather one. I know that one is not available in stores now, but I believe Coach has made one in the past. I believe that it had a fabulous Legacy pocket with a turnlock? If anyone could kindly post a style number, and/or picture, and if it has been to the outlets yet, it would be greatly appreciated! Or, if you know of any brown leather swingpacks, doesn't even have to be from the Legacy line (it is by far my fav! I love the stripes!) I am headed to Sea World in May and can't imagine lugging my Miranda around :wtf:

    Thank you all! I love reading all of the nice and positive things that people post! I work and have worked with a lot of not-so-nice people (women) and I find this site refreshing!!!
  2. Welcome to the TPF. Yep I know I am addicted too. I want to read it all and see it all. I have learned a ton about Coach and have added to my small collection since I started here. Gotta love Coach
  3. Style #40712 I want one too!
  4. I have that swingpack (in whiskey) and I think it's the best swingpack Coach has ever made. Love all the pockets and zipper compartments. You can fit sooo much stuff inside. Love it! Good luck on your search, hope you are able to find one.
  5. Thank you ladies! I have a friend who is a manager at Coach and I think I will have her look into it for me! I will let you know what I find out :yes:
  6. Oh my gosh I didn't even know that swingpack existed! How gorgeous... I take it that it has the beautiful stripe legacy lining too?! WOW :drool: looks amazing! Good luck on your hunt for it and show some pics if you get it!
  7. love the legacy lining.!:drool:
  8. Oh yea, lining is there! Check the link in the message above and you'll see the pictures of mine in whiskey. It even shows the inside lining. It sold out pretty fast last July.