Legacy style questions...

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  1. I've just recently discovered the Coach Legacy courtesy of this boards (really didn't pay much attention to this particular Coach line before) and now I'm curious after having acquired one--does Coach come out with a new Legacy style every year or do they just change/update the colors? Like the 07 Legacy shoulder bag, has this been an old style already? Or the Leigh for that matter? When I tried to browse past threads, i noticed some pictures of smaller looking Legacy shoulder bags but I couldn't find the style in the website now. Does that mean they bring out a new style each year and then retire it right away? Pardon all the questions but I know this board is a wealth of info!Thanks!
  2. The Legacy Collection was introduced in 2006 to commemorate COACH's 65th Anniversary. The designs reflected iconic COACH details lending a retro feel to the collection. This year some styles from the introduction were discontinued, re-designed or newly released. Additionally, some of the colors from 2006 have carried forward into 2007 and more colors were released this year.

    For example, the Legacy Ali Shoulder Flap bag (10329) was released in 2006, but discontinued for 2007. Then in 2007, a similar style (11134) Legacy Shoulder Flap was released.

    An example of a re-design: in 2006 the Legacy Satchel (10330) and the Legacy Shoulder Bags (10328) were released. Then in 2007 they were each re-designed and assigned new style numbers, (11130) and (11127), respectively.

    An example of a newly released for 2007 was the Gigi Tote (11131) and the Leigh Pocket Flap (11128), for example. I heard someone say that the Leigh is the new version of the 2006 Mandy (10331), but IMO they are 2 very different styles.

    I think the Legacy Collection has been very popular and will continue until the designers decide to stop it(?).
  3. Thanks! That was very informative. I'm glad to know I didn't miss a lot with Legacy having been around only a year. I think it has become my favorite line among the Coach styles. If only the bags weren't so much pricier and heavier.
  4. Actually "Legacy" has been around for awhile, some go back a few years. You can do general search on ebay for Coach Legacy, some have the familar turnlock closures. It might be safe to say that the 06 65th Anniversary is the "vintage" legacy, a little more "special" because of the striped lining, which has been carried over to the '07.
  5. Coach is constantly re-releasing and re-designing old favorites...

    Legacy, Bleecker, Ergo have been around for many years.
  6. Yes, you're absolutely correct, I should have said that in 2006 "Legacy" was re-designed & released because it's been a part of COACH's heritage for MANY years.

    Thanks for the clarification!:tup:
  7. I also believe that the Legacy stripe lining goes back to the '60's-70's?? with the styles designed by Bonnie Cashin. ??