Legacy Stripes!!

  1. Alright, so last night i decided to change my Carly black large leather bag for the new Chelesea vintage leather with brown grommet handles! ANNND i picked up a zip around Chelsea wallet in black to match. I tied my Legacy pony scarf to it, and it looks cute! I just think the striped legacy stuff is SO cute. So ive decided... im gonna make myself a little set! lol.

    I want to get:

    The striped legacy wristlet - use for receipts
    The striped legacy coin purse - use for subway tokens (they always get mixed up in my change! lol)

    I already had the ponytail scarf. What else legacy striped is there?? I cant see all the old stuff in the legacy section on coach.com, and eBay isnt always up to date with everything that came out.

    Now my worry is how much this is gonna cost me! lol. Cause prices on eBay seem to be high for this stuff.

    Also, was there any good key fobs that have the legacy stripe??
  2. They have a french framed wallet that is GORGEOUS (but pricey). They also have cute ballet flats that some members say are very comfy.
  3. If you REALLY like the stripes, they make a whole tote that is stripes called the Katy (but I'm not sure how hard they are to find)
  4. yeah, im not so much on the wallet (since i just got a new one) and the bag (since itll be harder to match my clothes with) But the colours are just so pretty, i find myself wanting to buy a whole set of accessories. Cause how cute would that be to have matching stuff?!?
  5. there's the legacy beauty case,
    the 4 or so different scarves
    coin purse
    foldover wristlet
    regular wristet
    key coin pouch
    ipod case
    french frame wallet
    slim envelope wallet
    ballet flats, this season and fall 06

    I know I'm forgetting stuff.

    they did make a legacy key fob looks like a thicker lanyard.
    And the multi stripe flower keyfob.
  6. there is also the framed coin purse wristlet, a larger version of the coin purse. it is so beautiful, i have one I got during PCE :smile: you can see it in my collection link below
  7. how in the world did I miss that?
  8. hmm.. i cant seem to find that multi flower key fob.

    So thats the only key fob then i guess, besides the coin one (which im thinking eh, might as well go for the nicer wristlet) and the lanyard style one. Im not big on the lanyard one :s

    oh man, i SO wanna get the foldover wristlet, seems like it could hold so much, it even has two different zippered areas!
  9. The keyfob is sold out as far as I know.
    It retailed for 28.
    Maybe you can check eBay?

    The foldover wristlet is at outlets for 97 bucks I think it was.
    I picked one up last week.
    It's kinda deceiving though because it doesn't open up wide to put stuff innit.
  10. Yeah, i checked on ebay to see what it looked like, but i cant seem to see it?!

    by any chance do you have pics of the foldover wristlet and what it can hold?

    boo i wish there was an outlet close to me :sad: grrrr!
  11. do you have the style number for the ipod case?
  12. Please excuse the huge pic, I'm at work so don't have access to photoshop to edit the pic to just what you need to see.
    If you look all the way towards the bottom of the pic you'll see the keyfob.


    the foldover wristlet is at the bottom. sorry I haven't used it yet so i don't have a pic of what it looks like stuffed.
  13. I'm not at home, but when I get there I can look it up in the catalog and post it for you.

    It's not available for order though.
    I tried and got denied =(
    Out of stock.