Legacy Stripes on your Iphone???

  1. I saw this and thought you all might want to see it. Apparently you can have them design bling for your iphone-this particular one was inspiried by the Coach legacy stripes.


    [​IMG]this picture was borrowed from the website.
    This company will customize your iphone for the bargain price of $475. Personally I'd rather have a new bag for that price. But it sure is sparkly.:p
  2. I think the design is pretty but I'm afraid I'd feel pretty conspicuous pullin' that puppy out every time I got a phone call!

    On the plus side, if someone stole your iPhone, it'd be easier to find the perp if he's using it...or maybe it would deter theft because it's so sparkly?

    I like it a bit but I don't like it-part-with-500-bucks-like-it!

    Love the pic, though!
  3. that's pretty
  4. I saw the front pictures and it's really pretty, too...

    What happens if you have to have your iPhone replaced? I know someone wh accidentally dropped hers and had to have it replaced...that would be some serious coin out the window!

    I have to say it is one of the prettiest designs I've seen, though...
  5. Did you see the Coach sunglass case they do? I think that would be more practical...it looks like they can do just about anything. Pretty cool business idea!
  6. That's so cute ^-^!
  7. Looking through their gallery I also saw these shoes they accented. this pic borrowed from www.crystalninja.com
  8. NO on the iPhone (or any phone)

    Sunglass case, maybe.

    I don't think the bling is necessary and I would feel childish whipping out a phone like that at business related functions.

    I agree with zoober beth. New purse instead for me!
  9. it's 475 for the phone AND design, and the phone is 399 +tax, so you're only really paying 75 for the design, but still, it's a bit tacky looking to me. :sad:
  10. I'm terrible because I love all things Swarovski, but I would crystallize everything I own I think LOL!
  11. I think that is realllllly cutee! but i'd be afraid i'd lose one of the crystal because i text message a lot and it's be taking the phone in and out of my bag a lot. O_O
  12. Those legacy stripes look gorgeous!!
  13. Don't like the flowers, but love those stripes! The shoes are nice too!
  14. I tend to drop my phone a lot and that would really suck if I dropped the phone and lost some of the crystals. It's real pretty though.
  15. Ditto my thoughts along with those who would rather spend the $475 on a purse instead.

    ~ but it is cute though - but I am a sucker for the Legacy stripe.