Legacy Striped Wristlet is back

  1. I JUSt bought it along with a cute C Charm! I have the medium stripe cosmetics case but it takes up more room then I'd like in my Legacy Shoulder. It sure holds a lot tho, does the wrislet do a good job at holding a decent amount of makeup? I know a lot of you girls use it for that purpose. I have the coinpurse so I don't need to use it as a wallet.:p
  2. I have my chelsea wristlet that I use for makeup, it expands more than I thought it would, a few lip glosses, mascara, compact, eyeshadow and eyebrow brush.
  3. Gotta get it.......
  4. I called in sick today and tomorrow, and needed to a lv exchange, so now I HAVE to pick this up! maybe they'll allow me to order the oxford cosmetic case as well.
  5. Beautiful and that makeup case is terrific too. Wish they would do the French wallet again.
  6. Ordered mine today in the store!!!! I also ordered the white Hamptons tote, but I think I'm more excited about the wristlet!!
  7. I was looking at the Oxford Legacy Stripe Tote but I am afriad of the vachetta leather.
  8. Is it just me or is it no longer available? =(
  9. It's gone again. I would try calling!
  10. I knew I should have got it when you first posted it.
    Call the 800 number listed on that page or my local coach?
  11. The toll free # on coach.com
  12. Thank you =) I will call them.
  13. Good luck! Let us know what you find out.
  14. I called my local store and they ordered it for me last week. I bet they still have a few more in stock at Jax or my SA couldn't have done that.