Legacy Stripe

  1. Well I was wondering what everyone thought of the new legacy stripe tote. Do you think it could be an everyday tote. I thinking of getting one. If anyone has one could you please post pics.
  2. I don't like it, personally. I think the size is nicer than the Katy tote (which makes it better for everyday), but I don't like the double wide stripes or the little "Coach" signatures in cursive on it. I'd have preferred just a smaller Katy version. Plus, I just think that fabric will get filthy way too quickly.
  3. HATE it. The lining is better on smaller things or as the inside of the bag.
  4. I agree. I actually don't mind the cursive Coach on the stripes but I'd be too worried about it getting dirty or snagged. I'm SUPER careful about my legacy linings...probably a little too paranoid, lol.
  5. I really like it, honestly. Granted, the stripes may make the bag "high maintenance", but I would still use it as often as I could.
  6. I saw a woman carrying it the other day and it was totally filthy. I did think it looked really cute, but IMO not practical at all...since it gets so dirty.
  7. LOVE IT!!:tup::yes: I'm definitely getting it, I was waiting for them to make it in a smaller size! There's always risk of a bag getting dirty no matter how careful you are so those kinds of things don't bother me...if I feel that a bag is always going to get dirty everytime I carry it then I might as well not carry one at all...
  8. Love it .. however, I won't be buying it anytime soon as I am not quite ready to make that type of commitment to "babying" a bag. I really like to use the crap out of my bags, so I'd probably destroy this one.
    It's so pretty though. If you can baby the bag and keep it nice, I'd totally say go for it.
    Also -- I would prefer the larger katy tote.. I saw a woman carrying it and almost fell off my bar stool. Fabulous!!
  9. i looked at it when i went to purchase my leagcy striped top handle pouch, and while it's very beautiful...was not practical for me. i love my pouch and have added a brass extender to the strap so that i can wear it over my shoulder!!!! its small enough to run around and do errands with...but yet easy to also put inside my tote to keep it safe and protected!!
    gotta :heart: the legacy pieces...but having some of the accessories is perfect for me...a little goes a long way!!!
  10. I think its cute but I'm not a fan of the totes with thin straps. I like to wear my bags over the shoulder and those thin straps hurt after a while. :sad:
  11. I would totally worry about the Legacy Fabric snagging. It's already happening on my Legacy Fold over wristlet!
  12. NOW...if this tote was a single strap style hoo boy I'd be so so sooooo tempted, hahahaha
  13. Not sure yet.....want to see it in person.
  14. like others have said - it's cute but not very practical. It would get dirty and snagged quick if I carried it!! IMO, the legacy stripes are better suited as accessories.
  15. I like how that bag can add such a punch of colour to any outfit, although having to baby it would annoy me. I always take good care of my bags, but being paranoid about getting it dirty all the time isn't worth it. Maybe if I had money growing on a tree...