legacy stripe wristlet

  1. hi everyone! has anyone seen the legacy stripe wristlet at the outlets recently?

    also has anyone been to the woodbury commons outlet recently...i'm thinking about heading there tomorrow but i just wanted a heads up on the items they may have...any help would be great!

  2. yes they were there last week. seattle, wa had a whole rack of them. $39.99.
  3. Yes, today in fact. They had a bunch of them.:tup:

  4. thanks!
  5. wow i wish i could snag one of those! I hope they are plentiful in the Aurora outlet, il, haha
  6. Yooohoooo! I was at the Coach boutique in the Cherry Hill mall tonight and they had ONE legacy stripe wristlet on display. :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Call in the am- i know it is retail, but that's better than nothing, right?
  7. How much is it retail? There are so many at the outlet for $39 , what is your closest outlet?