Legacy Stripe Wristlet

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  1. I have the Legacy Flap in Whiskey which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!

    Of course I must have the stripe wristlet now but it's sold out. WAH!!!!!!!:crybaby:

    Gotta turn to eBay........

    Anyway, is this the one that would match the stripe in my purse? The colors look a little different. It's style number 40231. If this isn't it, can someone provide me the style number?? I want it to totally match the stripe inside my whiskey.

  2. That wristlet is from the legacy stripe line, like the lining of your whiskey flap. Some of the stripes will be wider on some items and thinner on others, but for the most part they are the same color. Sometimes you'll have different colors more prominent on the front of your item. For example, my wristlet like that one you pictured doesn't have any light blue showing. Does that make sense? Does it help? I feel like I'm rambling :p
  3. No, you made things clearer! I was wondering why there were so many different looking ones on eBay. I'll be sure and find someone with great feedback before I buy.
  4. Call Coach or your store - I just ordered one through my store this week and got it w/ PCE discount, along w/ the framed coin purse, framed french purse, and new framed beauty case - all in the legacy stripe. None of them are on the website, but all were still available.

    Good luck!
  5. No stores here in Montana. I was just in NYC and stopped at the Madison Ave store and they didn't have any (I asked). I'm so bummed.
  6. Go through the PCE thread- there were some stores listed there that will give you the discount over the phone and it will ship to you!
  7. Really? But I didn't get the PCE card this time. I got it in March. :crybaby: