Legacy stripe wristlet not the one in the catalog

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  1. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the COACH legacy stripe wristlet they show in their catalog is not the same as the one they sell in stores. I ordered it online and when I got it I was somewhat disappointed.

    The lines are thicker and the wristlet is a more rectangular shape in the catalog. The COACH creed is also imprinted on the outside. I thought I was going to get a wristlet like the one in the catalog. But I already fixed the problem and bought a legacy stripe folded frame wristlet intead and LOVE it.

    I just thought that was kinda weird. :shrugs:
  2. I'm expecting mine to come next week. I wonder which one I'll get?
  3. Are you talking about Coach - LEGACY STRIPE WRISTLET

    If so I have it and it looks a-lot like the picture. I have seen some people's and they are missing a pink stripe. I can post a pic of mine if you want.
  4. I agree...

    That above...is very different from this. Note the patch on the outside...

    might be easier to go to view the online catalog...hard to get a pic of it copied off...

    [​IMG]Coach - Spring Preview 2006
  5. The fold over wristlet also differs in shades. I noticed it when I saw yhassans. Its great because she had pink in hers on the front which she loved, wheras mine had the colors I like.
  6. Here is a pic of mine.
  7. argh I think I want this.
  8. Here's a pic of mine:

  9. Here is mine - it seems fairly similar to hanbglvr's!
    new goodies.JPG
  10. I never paid any attention to the difference, but of course I had to pull out my catalog and compare. I'm thinking about getting one, and I like the one shown on the website better than the one shown in the catalog.
  11. I noticed the catalog was different than the website but assumed that if you order from the website that you'd get the old one that's still posted and not the new one with the thicker stripes. Here's mine with my other Legacy accessories.
    legacy accessories.jpg
  12. me too! :sneaky:
  13. Yeah, see, each is different, which I think is kinda cool. I'm fortunate that the stripes on my fold over are the colors I wanted, I'm hoping when I get the smaller one (yes no longer if, but when) I'll have the same.
  14. im a little confused. ispoke to coach a few days go ad they said they werent sure if they eregtting anymore of these wristlets in. i already have the old one but was thinking the large stripes r nice too. does ayone have pictures of the new one in real life?
  15. Do you all think the catalog is really the 'new' one? I thought coach just decided to make it differently and sell the type they have on their website instead of the one in their catalog.

    BTW I love the pink stripe on the wristlets and was disappointed when I ordered one and it did not have the pink stripe at all.

    luckily my folded frame one had such nice colors.