Legacy Stripe Wristlet (3/2)

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  1. The LEGACY STRIPE WRISTLET is back again ladies!

    Just saw it on the website:

    I wish they would make up their mind. First they say it won't be available until May and then they put it up for sale on the website. Then they take it down again and say it won't be available until May again. AND now it's back on the site. I wonder how long it will last this time.
  2. I just got mine in the mail yesterday! It's sooo cute, a litle smaller then I expected tho! I wanted to use it as kind of a makeup case (I have the coinpurse as a wallet but I REALLY wanted the wristlet so I needed a reason to put it in with my purse!) but I can only fit a few things in it. Maybe my lipgloss is just too big! I'll still be using it to hold odds and ends tho, if only they made a beauty case that wasn't so wide at the bottom! ;_;
  3. Congrats! =)
    I think I'm bitter because the FedEX website said est delivery March 1 and despite being super anxious, I didn't get it yesterday. Hopefully today.
  4. Congrats!
  5. I love the stripes but I prefer a longer wristlet....l hate trying to fit my hand into the smaller opening...I love my Chelsea Pebbled with the small pocket in front. Wish they made that style in stripes.
  6. I am selling mine because it is smaller than anticipated.

    It looks like its off the website again!