Legacy Stripe Umbrella

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  1. K I have a dillema. I went to my local coach store in search of the long legacy strip umbrella. But they only had the store display left. The SA I was talking to said that they are pretty hard to come by and a lady came yesterday looking for the same thing and they said they couldnt finf any in the computer (or something like that) So, should I settle for the display or keep on searching.
  2. Grab it up if she is holding it for you.
  3. never seen one ! Please, post pics if u buy it.
  4. If the one on display is in good shape then i would get it.
  5. you're going to use it anyways wont you.....so i suppose it'll never stay
  6. I'd get it...how many of you OPEN up the umbrella when looking at in the store? I never do. I'm sure its in great shape.
  7. I would get it, it sounds pretty! You may not be able to find another one.
  8. thanks for the advice ladies. Thats so true, that no one really touches the umbrella that much. I dont know what made me open it yesterday. I just came in to look around and there it was. The colors are sooo pretty, perfect for spring showers. :smile: SO I decided to take the umbrella then, I'm sooo excited. Just talked to an SA and asked her to hold it for me. I'm about to leave the house and when I come back, I'll be sure to take pictures. THanks again
  9. Can't wait to see pics!
  10. I have this umbrella and it is really cute. The only thing is it seems to be a bit "wobbly" in windy rain---which we get a lot here in the Northwest. I would say it is more a pretty umbrella for light rain not a heavy duty workhorse for the hard stuff! LOL!
  11. Congrats! I bet it's so pretty! Can't wait for pics!
  12. Okay, change of plans ladies. So i went to the store and luckily my regular SA was there, and I told her that I came to pick up my umbrella that was on hold. And she was wondering why I was getting the store display, because she said they can still be ordered!!:nuts: So I told her what the other girl told me yesterday. Well, my SA said that that other lady was mistaken. SO I ended up just ordering it. I guess its gonna come in about a week. I dont know why the other girl told me that then, maybe she's new. Anyways I'm kinda bummed that I didnt go home with it, but excited cuz I know its coming. So before I left the store, I gave the store display one last twirl. :smile:
  13. I had the same problem with the striped agenda. I ended up buying the display model. Like Mrs. Jones said, it is something that I knew would get beat around so I did not mind too much. Congrats on finding the umbrella; it is so cute.
  14. Oooh! Glad things worked out for you!