Legacy Stripe Tote

  1. I was curious as to how this bag was wearing over a few months of use. Does it get dirty really quick and how eas y is it to clean it?

    Also, does anyone know if this bag is coming in different colors for fall?
  2. I am also wondering the same thing
  3. I have always hesitated carrying fabric bags for that reason. I REALLY REALLY want one of the indigo patchwork bags but didnt buy them when they were out for that reason. I saw a lady at the mall yesterday and she had a signature stripe tote that was disgusting.

    I have a Dooney denim sac that I have been using that has been holding up nicely and still looks new. So if that stays clean, I will consider getting a Coach fabric bag.
  4. The thing that bothers me about it is that you can't use the Coach cleaner on it. If the bag was in a darker color, maybe it might better.

    I thought I read where someone said it was coming out in a bronze stripe or something for fall/winter.

    I really like the shape and size of the bag but the cleaning issue holds me back. I almost got it but got the denim signature stripe instead.