Legacy Stripe PT back on the website!!

  1. i just ordered a legacy stripe ponytail from the website!!!
  2. Yes, I noticed, too :smile: I'll be ordering today at PCE. My SA talked me into 98160, the STRIPE PONYTAIL scarf. Very pretty, but I have never even worn a scarf (since the 90's) and I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear one in my pony tail. Does it have to match the outfit perfectly?? Thanks!
  3. ooh i like that one too but i have been dying to get the legacy stripe! and no it doesnt have to match perfectly!
  4. I think most people use the ponytail on their bags, not actually on their heads...am I right?
    I've never seen anyone wear one, but I've seen loads tied to the bag.
  5. come to think of it most of the time you see it on someone's bag not their head!!
  6. That's where mine is going when it arrives.
  7. Cool, that is my favorite scarf in my collection!
  8. I can't do the "scarf-on-bag" ensemble -- its just not me. My goal is to look good w/o looking like I'm trying too hard. Does that make sense? I think its great when I see it, because usually outfits are put together so nicely. Would I look silly trying to put it in my hair???? Does it look too 1950's w/ the poodle skirt and hair bow?
  9. i totally understand what you are saying. i ususally put them on my bags but sometimes i use the ponytail as a head band and just tie it under my hair. os that might be an option for you if you like to wear your hair down.
  10. Awesome!
    Glad you were able to get one.
    I have two of these. I use one on my bag and when the outfit is appropriate I use it as a headband.
  11. I was superexcited.
    the bf was like can i use your computer and i was like no i'm placing an order and he just groned and walked away!!!

  12. ^^ funny. ^^

    i'm glad you ordered it. it is really gorgeous in person. i have it and love it on my khaki/ebony legacy shoulder.

  13. Whew!!:sweatdrop: Thank goodness for this thread. I almost purchased the wrong scarf. I placed the stripe PT on hold thinking it was the Legacy Stripe PT. I knew that stripe one looked a little funny.
  14. Glad you were able to order one....I have a feeling it won't be long before it's sold out again!! I love mine and even thought about buying another one so I wouldn't have to switch it between bags (talked myself out of it though).
  15. That's great! I love mine. I actually wear in in my ponytail (I must be the only one). I get lots of compliments on it.