Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf

  1. Do any of you girls have purchased the New LEGACY STRIPE PONYTAIL SCARF yet?.Can someone please post a picture of the otherside of the stripes?.
  2. The back side is the C signature in brown.
  3. Someone already did, Jadore, I think the thread was called "My new goodies" or something like that, it should still be on the first subforum page.
  4. i have!

    it's not out until monday actually. and i would post it if my damn computer was working =( accidently spilled soup onto my keyboard and i have a backup wireless one but the blue tooth isn't installed...it's a mac and the other computer i have and am using is windows which isnt' mine really with the camera set up..

    long story short, it is khaki, and the c's are a bit bigger then the regular c's you see on the hampton's slim envelope wallet.
  5. The scarf is soo cute!!
  6. ^^ Yup thats the one I mentioned! Jadore that would look so cute holding back your curls!
  7. Thanks girls!, I went to the COACH store to purchase it today!,it was gorgous!. They only had one left,so they are going to two day ship it to my house for free:yahoo: . I'l probably reccieve it on wensday:P , ill post pictures when I recceive it :love: . I had a bad experience there though!, these two middle aged woman kept staring at me,and my damier speedy 30!. They kept checking out what I was wearing,and my friend!(I was wearing a solid black Free PPL long sleeve shirt with a solid white based tank,with bermuda style light denim shorts,and pink pony RL flip flops!. The funny thing was that one of them had a bad fake preforated green speedy!:roflmfao:. One of them asked me what kind of bag I had, I replied it was a Damier Speedy 30,then she goes oh yeah my friend here has also another new speedy(my friend claims when she said that, in my face I was dying to say no really yours is fake:lol: ). The woman whom asked me what kind of bag I had asked me as in if it was fake:cursing:. Maybe I am one of the only teens she seen in a COACH store purchasing something,with a authentic bag?. It just annoys me sometimes when people see me with some kind of designer item they think its fake.:sad:

  8. thanks!:nuts: , I will post picture's with it in my hair =D
  9. I hate that! Its like its not my fault that I have at least some integrity and pride to carry something real. PLAYER HATERS! LOL. Can't wait for picts! I'm thinking about getting one as well!
  10. I love that scarf! I was thinking about getting it too. Please post pics, I'd love to see how it looks.
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