Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf? WHERE?!?!?!?

  1. Where can I get one? The website said they would be available on the 6th, and today it says the 22nd :crybaby: My store says they haven't had any in a while. Does anyone know where I can find one? I finally convinced hubby I needed it, and now I can't get one!:cursing: HELP!!!!!! Thanks, Mokey
  2. hmm...
    i know i got mine from sprinkles. pm her and see if there are any left at her store.
    or call the 800 number and see if you can get it.
  3. Thanks Kallison I will definitely do that!
  4. Depening how badly you want one, you can call the stores in Maui - you'll pay a higher price, but they have them in stock there...
  5. That was why I posted about delays a few days ago. The Charcoal Mandy keeps getting it's date changed too. On the ponytail scarf - I got the oblong scarf instead. Figured it might take forever for the ponytail one...
  6. ^^PMing you now!
  7. I have tracked one down and will be tying it on this week! :nuts: Thanks to all of the sweet ladies here! :jammin:
  8. ^^Glad to help out!
    I finally figured it out, so its all printed and ready to go.
  9. Don't know if I should get the ponytail scarf or the oblong scarf No. 98092[​IMG]or
  10. i personally like the ponytail scarf...but since it's harder to find, the oblong is a good substitution.
  11. I'm the opposite, I love the ponytail, but it just doesn't work with my hair. its cute for bags though. I like the oblong better cause you can bunch it for your hair, and can be used on your bag or belt.
  12. oh, it certainly doesn't work in my hair. i look like a clown with ANYTHING in my hair.
    it's on my black bag and looking fabulous. :smile:
    though i never thought about the oblong for a belt...hmm...that could work...
  13. ^^My friend did this interesting thing where she kind of braided a couple of them in a way, but only in the center, so it was longer on each side since she staggered the braid, that way she had a longer drop.
  14. I love the striped ponytail.. either can go in your hair.. or tied onto a bag! looks gorgeaus, hope you find one!
  15. I love the ponytail scarves they have!