Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf not available....

  1. for 10 weeks that is. After hearing all of you rave about this ponytail scarf I finally went to order it last night. And learned that you do not debate a cute legacy item, you order it when you see it. He said they should be getting more in about 10 weeks, maybe. But he could not order it as he was not sure more would be coming. Oh bother.

    I did order a cute wristlet in punch though.
  2. There are some on eBay right now if you want it right away...
  3. I got an e-mail yesterday saying mine had shipped. I must have JUST grabbed up one of the last ones!
  4. yea i ordered one on saturday!!
    it was shipped yesterday!
  5. It's still showing up on Coach.com. You'd think they'd take it down or put a future date available on there.
  6. I know how u feel I was lucky enough to get the ponytail scrarf but missed out on the legacy coin pouch.:crybaby:
  7. They are still at some boutiques. I bought one this morning along with a Carly wristlet - which is huge and sort of a cross between a clutch and a wristlet.
  8. I sent one out to my ROAK buddy early last week, guess i got one of the last ones too.
  9. It's easy to get one if you don't mind putting in the few extra minutes.
    Some stores still have them, example the Walnut St PA store.
    If paying almost twice as much as retail on eBay or waiting 10 weeks are not options I would call them or another store and order it .
  10. I went in to my regular Coach Boutique and was able to order the Legacy Ponytail Scarf as well as the Perfume print pink ponytail scarf. I should have them both by next Monday, April 9th. I will post pictures when I receive them. Why don't you try calling 1-800 Coach and see if you can order it through them.
  11. It was actually the 1-800 number that told me they were out until June. I had a credit for a bag that could not be repaired. I have no Coach store near me and so I called my order in. There was free shipping on the order and I was debating on adding a wristlet or the scarf to my order. I finally decided to add both. So when I placed the order and they no longer had the scarf I was bummed. But, I do not really want it bad enough to order off of eBay. I just wanted to add it on to that order.
    Thank you for all of the information.

  12. i know exactly what you mean, except i missed out on both (i know tragedy).

    but i called CS a while ago and they said they'd be restocking the coin purses in June

    *crosses fingers*
  13. ^^^^^REALLY?!?! Yesssssss!!!!! That just made my evening!
  14. Hi! I'm a new poster, and when I read your post yesterday, I went right over to Coach.com to see if I could order it online (I've been wanting it for a while.). It didn't say anything about being unavailable or backordered, and I was able to complete my order. I just got an e-mail saying it had shipped, complete with a Fex-Ex tracking number. So, you might try ordering it online, because it worked for me.
  15. Oh, man--I saw this scarf & so wanted it (and I don't own ANY scarves). I was wondering why it was so much on ebay. Hmmm, I will call my local store to see if they have any left. Thanks for the heads up!