Legacy Stripe Headband?

  1. When did this come out?

    I found this while searching for scarves on the Drilldown.
  2. Never mind... I just saw this in another thread. :p
  3. ^^The other thread is about a different headband... :rolleyes:

    Does anyone have any info on this one?
  4. i've seen some handmade headbands on eBay where the person buys scarves and uses the material over plain headbands. don't know if thats the same though.
  5. What style number did you put in?
  6. I love this! I think the scarves are so pretty but I have alot of trouble tying them without looking like an idiot or an elf with my big ears. I wonder if this is a future product! YEA!
  7. What a cute headband!
  8. oh that is uber cute!!!
  9. this is soooo cute!
    it would look cute with a bag, too. hahaa
  10. mm i want that.
  11. so cute. i have the scarf and i usually fold it in half so that it isn't as wide, but having an actual headband would be perfect! :smile:
  12. I guess they got sick of people making their own and selling them!
    All I have to say is...FINALLY! I love the headbands, and have been one of those people to make them myself(but I dont sell them lol).
  13. That's super cute. I totally want one!
  14. That's on my list of things to buy! Thanks so much for posting this information.