Legacy stripe french purse SHIPPED!!!

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  1. All of us who have been waiting for this forever, should be getting them soon!!:yahoo:
  2. I picked up a super cute pair of sandals
    yesterday at macy's...
  3. oops i meant to put that I got my conf. email today that it was shipped! should be here on wednesday yay!
  4. ^^^ Those are cute - I wish their sandals fit me.... I'm trying to find a good excuse to sneak over to Nordstrom's though and check out their shoes on sale!
  5. mine shipped too!! yay!
  6. Love those sandals!

    Sorry for the hijack...
  7. i tried to go in and delete the post but it's not working lol
    so sorry for jacking this thread.

    back to the legacy coin wristlet...

    did anyone else get to order this with the PCE discount?
  8. ^^ I'd give it a try. I got to order the French purse with the discount!
  9. Mine has shipped too!!:yahoo:
  10. I'm goign to wait until I get it.. then bring it back to the store.. see if I can return it, then re buy it with the PCE discount. Think they'll do it?
    It's not as if I've had it forever.. I haven't even received it yet!
  11. I'm going to do the same thing ^^^^ Especially since they know I tried to order it last Sunday when I pre-ordered and it wouldn't go through.
  12. That legacy purse is stunning! Enjoy! The lady on line in front of me at Coach today was trying on those sandals, they are really nice IRL and look pretty comfortable.