Legacy Stripe Framed Wristlet Available to be Backordered

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  1. I had to call the Coach 1-800 # yesterday to check on an order I had placed on the website. During the course of the conversation, I asked about the framed wristlet #40239 and when they would be getting more in. She said 600 or so would be coming in May - would I like to be backordered for it. Of course I said YES!!!

    Well, then I get confirmation that my order for the wristlet shipped today - I'm psyched!!! So, if you want one, it's worth calling them about!
  2. how much is it???
  3. wait, the legacy framed wristlet you backordered shipped already?
  4. ^Yup, weird huh? I actually ordered 2. 1 shipped. They're $88.
  5. Is this the round shaped one with a kiss lock and a zipper like candypalmer has?
  6. that's it, i'm calling tomorrow. i hope i get one!
  7. OMG, only $88? I'm callin'........
    There's one going on eBay right now for $100 with 3 hrs. left!
  8. Sorry, double post...
  9. ^Yup, it's the round one with the kisslock. I'll post pics when I get it on Monday.
  10. I haven't even used mine yet and I got it back in February!
  11. We're talking about the framed coin wristlet - not the foldover framed wristlet? If so, I'll order right away.
  12. this is tdf...I have one and I just totally love it!
  13. This is what I ordered (found the picture on eBay):

    Legacy Stripe Signale Framed Coin Purse
    Style: 40239
    Color: Brass/Mti
    Qty: 1
    Price: $88.00
    Gift Box: Yes[​IMG]
  14. I just called she said they were out but would have more the first week of June. =) I love mine! I'd totally get a second one!
  15. lol screw it I just ordered one too, I don't think I'll be using another type of wallet for a LONG while so it's good to have a backup. ;)