Legacy Stripe Coin Purse Key Fob also available for backorder

  1. I went in to the boutique tonight to check out the availability of legacy stripe items. The SA couldn't find the 40239 wristlet, but she did find me a coin purse key chain ~ 92038. It has been ordered! Here it is:
  2. Is this specifically the one with the wider stripes? I'm just wondering about the older version that had the thinner stripes. :shrugs: Thanks!
  3. Well, I don't know. That is the picture from the drill down page. All the ones on eBay with that style number have the thinner stripes. I will let you know when it arrives.
  4. Thanks, I'd appreciate it! :yes:
  5. wow i wish i could find the legacy katy stripe bag...maybe ill go to the store to see if they have anymore...
  6. It is very cute, do you know how much it is?
  7. I just returned one to the boutique in Sacramento, Ca.
  8. aquagirl, it's $58.

    i ordered one last week and it arrived right away. it was the one with thinner stripes, which i love so much more than the drilldown one.
  9. I don't think the coin purse with the wider stripes was ever available. If I remember correctly, this was a case where the pre-production/catalog version was different than what was actually produced for sale. :yes:
  10. Awww I called less then a month ago and they had a few left so I bought it. It was so cute but I added it as kind of a "free gift" to go with my White Legacy Shoulder I needed to sell. I only offered it with Buy it now and completely got my shoulder bag money back. It was really REALLY cute but I couldn't figure out a way to use it. I was keeping my change in it but mehhh. ;)
  11. ^ that was you? i saw that auction! :smile:
  12. Yup twas I! I probably coulda gotten good money for it but I needed my money back sooner rather then later so I was hoping the free gift would bring a quick sale lol. Some guy bought it as a gift for his girlfriend. What a great guy, I hope she likes it!
  13. that's nice. great "free gift" ;)
  14. Thanks - I like that coin purse!