legacy stripe coin purse back on coach.com

  1. has anyone noticed this???? i wasn't sure they were making/distributing more of these......it's the one that you can hook your keyes on to
    sorry if this has already been noted
  2. Ya I noticed this too earlier today, pretty cool
  3. Ohhh yay!
  4. Okay, I went and looked and I'm just not loving it like I did the first version.
  5. Ya at first I really wanted to just buy it but I don't think I'm liking it as much...
  6. aw...i wish i would've kept the first one i had...
  7. It's gone....
  8. Can someone post a picture?
  9. it's gone i am looking at the site right now..
  10. How weird?
  11. item #?
  12. That happened the other day when coach updated their site.

    All the legacy stripe items (cosmetic pouch, key ring pouch, etc.) were posted back on the site and then like 2 hours later they were all gone.
  13. Yeah, I got all excited for nothing. *L*