legacy stripe- beauty case???

  1. so I am putting together my PCE/bday list! Just last night i told DH i didnt really want anything for my bday, and today when the card came in the mail.... I now want...

    turq nicola flats
    turq ergo hobo
    white envelope wallet
    and the legacy stripe beauty case.

    i cant seem to find the beauty case in my cataloge or website, does anyone know what the number is? or if its still available?

  2. This is 40555

  3. i would want 1 too unfortunately they don't have it in SIN.
  4. that's the oxford canvas one I think..
    the legacy stripe one is #40247

  5. finzup--that looks exactly like what i'm looking for! thanks!
  6. it's gorgeous.. let me know if you call Coach and they have it in stock.. if so I may need to order one :smile:
  7. That beauty case is so gorgeous! Good luck finding one! I have the wristlet and love it!
  8. I have the legacy stripe one shown above and I have to say I lov it! It holds a ridiculous amount of stuff! And it's beautiful! Good luck!:tup:
  9. Happy pre-Birthday! Love your choices, I think that is the nicest beauty case ever BTW, so pretty.