Legacy Stripe Ballet Flats...-

  1. I really like these shoes, but my SO hates them. He usually has the same taste as me, but we differ on this shoe. Now that I think about it, I think I only like them because they have the stripes that I love.
    I need some help on these:

    How many of you have bought these ladie ballet flats?

    How many are considering buying them?

    How many passed? And if so, for what reasons?

    Most of all, what can you wear these with and not look 'clownish' for the lack of a better word?
  2. I'm going to buy them. I was going to get them last week when we got them in but the highest size we got in was a 9 and I wear an 11! I've gotta see if we've gotten more in or if I can order 'em. I plan on wearing them with jeans, or denim or white skirts, and brightly colored tank tops.
  3. I like them and I may get them, not sure yet. I'd probably wear them with black pants or jeans when I'm wearing say a white t-shirt or something similarly neutral. I'd use them to add a pop of color. I also think they'll look so cute if you have a legacy striped scarf to pair them with.
  4. I bought them last Friday, but I haven't worn them yet. I love them, but I'm not quite sure what to wear them with other than jeans or a jean skirt. I think these are shoes that will definitely look better being the highlight of your outfit, in other words jeans or basic color pants/skirts with a neutral color top (white, black etc.).
    I also bought the Ladie signature ballet flats which since they are just black will go with everything. I should get those today!
  5. honestly, i'm passing. coach flats are terribly uncomfortable to me (i have tons and i NEVER wear them).

    and, besides, i hate the toe cleavage!
  6. But that's supposed to make it sexay! :graucho: LOL, my BF says that.

    Can you elaborate on this? Is the bottom very flat, I mean with no cushioning?
  7. I passed because the metallic part was slippery. I walked a couple of steps in the store, and the shoes didn't completely come off, but I felt that I had walked faster, they would.
  8. i want them but i think its just because of the legacy stripe and like kallison i have a thing with toe cleavage...uh gross!!
  9. I can contribute to this question. Some of the flats have more cushion than others. When I buy shoes in general, I look for soft soles (there goes Louboutins!). My patchwork flats are very comfortable, plenty of cushion, but there are Coach flats that are very hard to the feet. I would put the Legacy ones in the middle. Some cushion, but not too much.
  10. toe cleavage is just gross to me.

    i just find that, on ME, coach shoes hit at weird places on my foot and i ALWAYS get blisters (and it hits at whatever that bone is near the big toe that hurts like heck). i have yet to wear a pair for the entire day (i always switch them out because they hurt so bad).

    the bottoms don't have a ton of cushioning, but that can be remedied by inserts, i guess.

    i mean, we all know i'm queen on pointless purchases...but i really think you can get better shoes elsewhere.

    BUT, if they work for your foot, go for it!!!
  11. I received these from JAX yesterday and love them! My boutique only had a 6 and they were too big so I had to order the 5 1/2. Perfect show for summer and fall. Love the color and styling. The padding in the sole is comparable to flats by J. Crew and Jeffrey Campbell.
  12. i love the way they look but they are realy uncomfortable. not soft like other flats, imo.
  13. this thread is cracking me up. I"ve got them from last fall and they are one of the most comfortable flats I own. I am a huge jcrew whore, but their flats KILL my feet. I've gotten nothing but compliments on these flats and they go with A LOT in my wardrobe. I'm very happy I got them.
  14. I wanted to buy them but passed after some thoughts...
    cos the stripes are a current trend and will look weird after some time.. so decided to pass...
  15. I loooove mine. I find them way more comfortable than the other Coach shoes I own. They run large, so beware.

    The stripes are also different (i.e. what ends up at the top), so I ended up going through a few different pairs. It really changes the look of the shoe to have the fushia/white at the top vs. the orange or blue/green. Maybe your SO would like 'em if they had darker or lighter stripes on top.