Legacy Stripe - Appleguard?

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  1. Ok, so I haven't used my Katy tote yet, terrified to get her dirty. Does anyone know if you can use Appleguard or Scotchguard to help keep her clean?

    BTW, I heard the outlet manager mention they would be getting some Katy's in, not that many, but they are going to get some.
  2. yes, tell me about this appleguard! and can you spray scotchguard pretty much on any purse?
  3. Which outlets??
  4. appleguard is best for vachetta right? isn't that what it's meant for?
  5. I use the appleguard spray (blue can) on all the leather trim of my LV bags. It keeps any water or liquid stains off the bag. GREAT STUFF!

    You can get it online at leatherstuff.com
  6. Here's what the can says:


    Will keep your LEATHER, SUEDE, and FABRICS water repellent and stain resistant. Helps prevent salt stains.

    Can be safely used on all colorfast leather, suede and fabrics. If in doubt of colorfastness, check by spraying a hidden area. If color ribs off it is not colorfast and should not be treated.

    Garde minimizes rub-off and scuffing of all suede products.

    I've used it on all three things and it works great. :yes:
  7. I was in Vacaville, CA when I heard this.
  8. Does this mean that you can use appleguard on the Legacy leather to help keep it clean? Even the white legacy leather? :confused1:
  9. must get this appleguard ;)
  10. bump! i need the answer to this! my white legacy bag rubs off on anything
  11. i found out what to use on white legacy leather!!!

    i have a beautiful white hippe and everything rubs off on it!!! i tried using a white eraser and it erased every stain!!! even ones that were there for over a week!!! amazing!!:nuts:
  12. Good question! I've never used it on my Legacy leather and Coach says not to use anything on vintage leather so I'd be a little leery. You could always try it somewhere where nobody else would see it (like under a flap or something) just in case it did something strange. I would think it would be okay on black or white but maybe not on whiskey or natural, but I really don't know. :shrugs:
  13. this is what i would do! this way no one sees if there is a boo boo and you can try something else.
  14. did you use the mr. clean magic eraser?
  15. I used scotchguard on my legacy stripe Alana flats and it is working great. I also put it on my Katy tote and it looks perfect still. Good luck!!!