legacy strip coin pouch???

  1. Is this sold out? I havent seen it in any stores lately, and was wondering if anyone knew....

    I love it!
  2. you talking about that keypouch? yeah, i think it sold out awhile ago.
  3. I got the legacy bag in whiskey for xmas and was hoping to get some accessories to go along with it....hmmmm Will coach make more? I really wanted the coin too, I don't really want anything as large as the wristlet.
  4. Check at your outlet. If you have one! :s

    Coach Wrentham Village Outlet (MA) Had them (about 6-9 on the the little stand at the register) yesterday. And the Monkey Key Fob and the Westie cell phone thing.
  5. oooh the monkey key fob? I would have snatched it up full price but could get over the calf hair.
  6. When My friend boought hers it was the last one left besides the display and they didnt think they would get anymore in. Weren't sure though.

    I have the Monkey Fob! I will take pictures and post my whole collection today:smile:
  7. i just went to the store and they were terribly confused... it showed they have it but they dont, jacksonville doesnt have any, but it isnt shown as discontinued. I guess that means wait around awhile, see if they come back before purchasing an overpriced one on eBay or somewhere....
  8. I hope they come back, they were really cute.
  9. It's in the latest catalog, so I bet they are coming back.
  10. krispin, are you serious? I am dying to get my hands on it.
  11. Take a look!

  12. I don't think the ones at the outlet had a shiny key ring. I'm remembering the ring being the same antiqued color as the frame. (I was specifically looking for a leather mini skinny with brass - so was paying attention.)
  13. It will come back, I saw seveal at San Marcos outlet in my area.

    Good luck though, they are pretty hard to get!