Legacy straw tote faked?

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  1. Some of the Legacy Straw Totes are selling for very reasonable prices, and, only having become addicted to COACH in recent months, I wasn't around when they originally came out to know what to look for. Is there a high incidence of fakes among the straw bags? Thanks.
  2. everything can be faked unfortunately.

    Best bet is to post the auction or link in the "authenticate this" thread..
  3. If they are selling for reasonalble prices it may be because they are rather unreasonable purses to carry. Stiff and wide open. JMO.
  4. Hi, there are a bunch of the straw totes 113 and 114 on eBay right now and I was wondering if they have been faked. I'm sure they def. hit the outlets and maybe that's why there are so many! Does anyone have one? Does it hold up?
    How would you know if faked since I can only evaluate based on the C's (I'm still quite new - 1 bag and 2 wristlets!)
  5. Almost anything can be faked now, but I believe these are in the outlets....usually anything that's available in the outlets or discount stores floods eBay.
  6. The straw slim totes and the straw wrislets are currently in the outlets in three to four different colors.
  7. I have the 113 tote (the smaller one) in black leather/straw and I love it. It seems to be holding up very well and the SA at the outlet said that the straw on these bags is better than in previous years. BTW, the outlet price was around $160.

    So far so good...

  8. I've seen a lot of these bags at the Coach outlet--in black and red...
  9. They were in one of the last floorsets at the outlets. I have one from last summer in red and I LOVED it!!!
  10. they are allllllll over the outlets right now in red, black, gold and white

    that's why they're all over ebay
  11. I saw them in gold and black today and they were already 20% off. I love them. Was not sure about the straw part. Thank you for posting your comments on that. Will check them out again, tomorrow!
  12. I've seen them at the outlets too. However, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a fake version. Its always best to use the authenticate thread and check feedback and have pics to look at when buying on ebay.