Legacy Slim Tote Owners, Please Help...

  1. Any of you ladies that own the slim tote, can you post pics of you modeling it. Trying to figure out if it is too big to wear as an everyday bag. Looking at the signature cotton tote on Macys website.

  2. I don't have one YET but I tried on the leather in the tan/camel color over the weekend and am obsessed with it now. Was not at all too heavey or bulky and that was in the leather!
  3. i have the white leather one. it's kinda big, yeah...(i'm using a large carly right now, but that one at least slouches so it doesn't look too big).

    here was a quickie pj shot i took when i got it:
  4. Thanks Kallison, the tote looks great on you, nice to see it fits over the shoulder. :smile:
  5. oh yeah, it definately fits over the shoulder- which is definately tough for me sometimes!

  6. You and me both! *L* Ditto though, the bag does look great on you. Like always. ;)
  7. Love it in white.
    That bag looks great on you!!!
  8. aarrghh...kallison, I've seen that pic of you with the bag on another thread and have been drooling ever since! Please don't post it again for all of us schlubs that don't have one yet! (Looks fab on you btw!)
  9. :greengrin:

    one of these days, i'm going to learn to stop taking pics in my pj's, since they always end up in more than one thread. :push:
  10. I'm very interested in this bag as well!
  11. I love that bag in white!

    I have it in natural, but was not brave or adventurous enough to buy it in white. Of course, most of my bags are some flavor of brown or black--pretty boring girl by most people's standards!

    Don't you just love the lining? Such a treat every time I see it!
  12. i have yet to actually use it. :shame:
  13. Here are 2 photos of my sister modeling the Legacy Leather Slim Tote in Natural.

    Legacy Tote On Shoulder.jpg Legacy Tote On Shoulder 2.jpg
  14. the cotton is beautiful!
  15. Those are gorgeous purses.