Legacy Slim Tote in Signature

  1. :confused1: Has anyone seen the Legacy Slim Tote in Signature?

    I just ordered one on Monday and have only seen it in a coach catalogue. I don't know why its not shown online or sold in stores on the west coast.

  2. haven't seen in IRL but it's too cute
  3. Poppy, I've only seen it in catalogs. I know that only certain stores carry it; must be rare! :smile: Our store doesn't have one and I'm in the midwest.
  4. love it i want one!!
  5. i havent seen that in TX either that is pretty
  6. Pretty - when did it appear in a catalogue and how much is it???
  7. The small catalogue was mailed to me in Jan 07. I've been wanting it since then. :smile: I kept on checking every coach store hoping to find it in person. I finally asked an SA for it last week.

    It comes in khaki/white (pictured) & khaki/ebony. $458.00... just a little less than legacy leather slim tote.

    This is the catalogue it was in....


    Fedex says its expected to arrive Monday. I'm having it delievered to the closest Coach store for pickup. I'm so excited!!!
  8. Love it! Please post pics when you can! :yahoo:
  9. I haven't seen it IRL.
    Please post pics when you get it =)
  10. It is beautiful ! That is one of my top 3 fav bags. When i went to the Coach near me, the SA was not familiar at all with this style so It must be rare in stores. I told her I just wanted to see one IRL LOL !
  11. wow! I like that! definitely post pics...I was wanting the leather one, but now I think I might want that sig one now...hmmm....do you have the number for it?
  12. Yikes.... I meant to post the item number last night.

    Its... #10640
  13. I live in Jacksonville, FL and they have the Legacy Slim Tote in our Coach store, I just went and looked at it yesterday. It is really lovely! I am getting the leather one. The interior is very cute with the multi-colored legacy stripe lining.
  14. hmmmm... now that I am reading more about this tote I am not so sure about getting the leather one. It is Vachetta leather - leather that is left untreated and is therefore susceptible to water and stains. I think getting it in Signature would be best.
  15. ^ Oh man! I didn't even notice until you said that that it's vachetta...oh man...yeah I don't want an entire bag made out of vachetta...I can barely deal with the vachetta trim on my LV Popincourt Haut (I like my bags to stay perfect as long as possible).

    Looks like signature it is! Though I wish I could see a pic of the khaki/ebony one - I think I would get that over the khaki/white, white might get dirty easily?