Legacy Slim Tote - handbag or tote?...or ergo?

  1. Hello all-
    I realize that my question/title may seem a bit silly. It's called a tote, so one might think that it is a tote. But, I have the small signature stripe tote in punch and I carry it as a handbag. So, does this bag merely function as a tote, or is it an everyday bag as well? Might I be better served by going with one of the ergo bags? Many thanks.
  2. I carried mine for the first time yesterday - it's a great work/everyday bag. It's not too bulky but you can still fit a ton of stuff in it. The strap drop isn't as long as on the large ergo tote, but I can still put it on my shoulder if I'm not wearing a bulky coat.
  3. Depends, what do you plan on using it for?
    Which style do you like better?
  4. I bought the Legacy Tote recently, and I plan on using it as an everyday bag. It's quite comfortable on the shoulders as long as you're not wearing a heavy coat. I think it's functional as both a work bag and as an everyday bag. It has a nice deep zippered pocket inside and a big outside pocket with a turnlock closure. This way you don't have to put everything in the main compartment/body of the bag. I put my keys and my mini garage remote in the small side zip pockets on the outside of the bag.
    Legacy Tote On Shoulder.jpg
  5. That bag looks great on you, pond23! It's a larger bag than I realized. Beautiful!
  6. Wow....I didn't realize it would fit over the shoulder. It looks so good on you pond23!!
  7. Yes, it is larger than want one could think. How tall are you, pond23?? Love the straps for the shoulders.
  8. That bag does look fantastic on you. I love the color and the size!
  9. Thanks for all of the compliments! My sister is actually the one modelling the bag, and she's 5'7". I loved the way the Legacy Leather Slim Tote looked with the outfit that she wore yesterday to work.
  10. Pond23,

    This is a beautiful bag and I had been debating on it for awhile. Now that I've seen it on someone, I think it is going to be my next purchase. Love it!
  11. Love that tote pond! Tell your sister she looks great wearing it (maybe you can enable her into buying one for herself!).

    mandB - I have a Hamptons embossed tote that I use as an everyday bag when I carry it - I think it's just a matter of personal style/preference. If you like it and it works for you as an everyday bag, go for it!
  12. TejasMama and willowsmom,

    Thanks for the great comments! Unfortunately (or fortunately for her wallet) my sister does not share my love of designer handbags. Oh well, I guess she won't be borrowing my bags anytime soon.

    If you guys buy this bag, definitely take pictures! I really love this tote.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. Beautiful bag! Great model! It's right up there with Ergo Maude! I have 2 ergo totes, or I would snag it!