Legacy Slim Tote and Shoulder Zip Pics

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone could either post or direct me to posts with pictures of you WEARING these two bags? I HAVE.TO.HAVE a Legacy something or other and I just can't decide, a lot of it will depend on body scale.

    Love the shoulder zip but I have no idea of how much it will hold, love the slim tote but I'm scared it will be too big for me. Thank you!
  2. I don't have a pick wearing the slim tote yet; I will try later if my husband is patient. I am 5'4 and size 6, for scale, it is a bigger bag but doesn't (to me ;)) look huge at all. It is comfortable on my shoulder and doesn't bother my arm resting against it (does that make sense, you know how your arm could be sticking out from the bag underneath it?). I needed a decent size bag to carry my stuff and maybe a book or water bottle or kid stuff for summer too. it carries everything the gallery tote does with room. Oh and everyone who has seen it so far IRL loves the bag and thinks it looks great on; trust me my husband would say if he hated it or it looked TOO big! I should say though that I like the bigger bags, I think everyone should have a mix of sizes and styles for different needs.
  3. I agree! I'm 5'2 and size 6, so comparable to you. My wishlist contains: a classy hands-free bag for trade shows (leather swing pack?) a bigger "weekend" tote bag and a really nice leather bag.

    If I decided on the slim tote, I'd be killing those last two birds with one stone! Saving money! Or something...would my husband believe that one? LOL
  4. He might!! If it works let me know, I can use it in the future! A leather swingpack would be TDF. Good luck.
  5. You know what I REALLY hope they come out with? A legacy swing pack!!:drool:
  6. (if you're looking for a swing pack, have you tried on the hippie? i have pics of that one, too)

    the slim tote...it's definately not a small bag...i'm 5'6" and, uhm, not small...


    with school stuff:

  7. I love that bag in white too! It looks good on you Kallison. Oh and a legacy swingpack, divalori...I'd buy that in half a second! It would be gorgeous.
  8. I still simply love that bag, no matter what the size. While I wouldn't use it as a day to day bag, it'd definitely be perfect for a weekend where all I need is a couple t shirts, panties, makeup and a wristlet :smile:

    I'd love to see the Hippie! But I'm betting it'd be more bag then what I'd want it for.
  9. Oh my gawd so would I. Can you imagine? Just a tinier version of the slim tote on a long strap, perfect.
  10. sorry about the pj pics...they're all i have. :Push:



  11. LOL, it's alright. I am in love with the Hippie too! Grrrr, heh. I just bid on a Murphy on ebay, the closest to an actual "swing pack" as I think I could ever get. Right strap, right size bag. I hope I win :sad:
  12. Btw, I am bidding on an auction for a Murphy, right strap, right size bag..no stripe lining but that's ok. It's got the turnlock at least!
  13. [​IMG]

    I love this bag!!
  14. Good luck! That will be nice!
  15. hey Kallison how do you clean the white legacy???