Legacy Slim Flap in leather

  1. :drool:Hello! Is there anywhere I can buy a Legacy Slim Flap in leather(any color):yes: other than eBay? I would buy from eBay but there is only canvas or cotton ones on eBay at the moment......... I REALLY want one in leather!!
  2. Yes you can! I called Coach.com, and they said they still have the slim flap in leather in natural, whiskey and black. I love my two alis but they are really heavy.

    I have almost all leather bags but have been wanting a chocolate sig bag, and they have the slim flap in chocolate signature, too! My SA didn't know about it. It's 10338. I used my merchandise credit for it as my upcoming birthday gift, and it should be here next week. I ordered it through my store to get free shipping.

    Call and find out!
  3. oh wow!!! THANK YOU!! I had called my Coach store and they told me you can only order the canvas or cotton. Shows what they know! ha! Thank you, Thank you! I LOVE the chocolate sig by the way. I have it in the Legacy hippie but I WOULD have chosen the slim flap, had I known it was available. Please post pics when you get it ! I would love to see it! :smile: Do you own or ever owned a slim flap?

  4. I LOVED your pics of your chocolate sig hippie; I take my boys to baseball games and love having a crossbody bag!

    I will definitely post pics when I get it. I've tried on the cotton slim flap at the outlet and loved the feel and drop length but not the pattern. The chocolate signature is my favorite. I hope to have the bag by next Friday, and I'll post lots of pics!:tup: