Legacy slim envelope wallet is available to order

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  1. :tup:Ok. So I was surfing eBay for the legacy wallets and I saw that there was an auction for the slim envelope wallet listed on pg.2 of the new catalog. It is supposed to be available in August. Anyway, I called my local store to ask my SA if it was already available in stores and she said yes. Apparently they came w/ the new flooset and most are already sold out in stores but there are still plenty at JAX. So she put their last one on hold for me and the best part is that I am getting it w/ PCE. Ladies, if you want the new Slim Legacy Envelope Wallet, Style no. 40242 ( $248), now is a good time to grab it. I don't think the stores will have any left in August.;)
  2. Yeah, I saw that yesterday.. didn't call the store but called jax and they said they had over 700 of them. They are really pretty!!
  3. I should've never have opened this post! I've been eyeing that wallet but thought i could hold out until August...
  4. I'm planning on getting one for my new legacy satchel before PCE ends!!
  5. oh i hope they don't sell out. i was hoping i could recoup funds and get one in august, but . . .
  6. h wow, especially for pce it might be worth it to get 2 and make a profit!
  7. Well I picked a random coach store and ordered 2 with pce discount!
  8. That's a good idea !!!
  9. Want it.....but don't need it.....but want it.....let's see $248 minus 25% is $186....not bad......hmmmmm.....:graucho:
  10. I ordered mine yesterday with PCE... I can't wait! :yahoo:
  11. Just saw the one on eBay, and the stripes don't match up...
  12. Maybe they are not supposed to. IDK. I'll be picking mine tomorrow at the store though and see if they match up or not. Can a Coach SA shade a light on this? TIA
  13. Yes Spoiled Rotten - there was a long thread on eBay about that wallet on Sunday. I wonder how many do not line up? I really want to be able to inspect mine first.
  14. I think it is so pretty. Im not sure I would like the snap thingy on the change part (cant think what it is called *L*). I loved the little legacy french purse except for that.
  15. The person on ebay showed us another envelope wallet in which the stripes did line up. I see alot of them going to the outlets if they are messed up.