Legacy Signature Satchel Question

  1. Hi, I'm crazy about Coach and although I've never purchased a signature bag from them I have been contemplating the Legacy Signature Satchel in black. I own over 25 Coach bags...none of them signature and have been collecting them for more years than I can count. For some strange reason the leather satchel version of this bag does not appeal to me. I think between the vintage leather and the numerous rows of white stitching around the buckles, this is what is turning me off from the leather satchel.

    Do any of you own this satchel in the black signature? Is it heavy? Is the fabric smooth? From what I can tell on the khaki fabric in the close-up view the fabric seems kind of textured/rough. The black seems much smoother. Do my eyes deceive me? What are your thoughts on this bag? I'm on the fence. Personally I could never justify spending that much on fabric when the leather is only a few $$$ more but I just don't care for the vintage leather look. I much prefer smooth new looking leather. Can any of you Coach-a-holics please help me out?
  2. Anyone??????????????????
  3. don't know, sorry...
  4. I don't know if the fabric they use is different from one line to another or from one style to another, but I have the Legacy Hippie bag in the khaki/ebony combination. The fabric is smooth and not rough. It doesn't catch on rings or anything else. Additionally, my bag is not very heavy, though it is well-constructed.

    Of course, the satchel is large than the Legacy Hippie, with more hardware, so it would surely be heavier. But I doubt it would be too heavy to carry regularly.

    The leather in the style of bag I purchased was only $20 more, but that didn't matter much for me because I much preferred the fabric. I haven't carried it for long enough to know with this bag, but I've never had a problem with durability in signature in the past, and I don't expect it now. From reports from others about the leather, they say it is easy to rub out the scratches and scuffs with your fingers and it looks as good as new, but if you don't like that style of leather it still wouldn't be worth it.

    Have you decided on a bag yet? Or did you decide to skip this one because of the leather style? Good luck with your decision.
  5. I don't have this bag, but it is lovely. I have several coach signature bags and absolutely love the signature fabric. I've never had a problem w/ it. They continue to look great year after year. Good luck on your decision.
  6. Thanks HauteMama for your great description of the signature fabric. Thanks Shelley for input as well. I'm still on the fence but am leaning towards the Legacy Signature Satchel in the black. I'll post pictures if and when I get it.